Consumers Treat Advertising Like Trains

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by: Lynette Webb

At my old agency we used to sometimes talk about “the immunised consumer”. The point we were trying to make was that the practice of ad avoidance isn’t just to do with tools that people employ to block out ads – be it the fast-forward button on a DVR, pop-up blocker, etc.

People have now evolved to have a kind of subconscious filter in place as well. They might not even realise it, but they’ve just become better at honing in on what’s important to them and blocking out all the surrounding (ad) noise.

The quote on this slide I think is a more straightforward way of making the same point. It comes originally from a November AdAge article:

It’s taken me a while to find the right image to accompany it. Finally I stumbled across this one which I think is perfect. I also love the image generally as it’s just such a real ‘slice of life’ but yet so unique to a particular city and style of living. It reminds me of living as a student in NYC when I hung laundry on the fire escape. 🙂

You can see the original (copyrighted) image here:
Special thanks to mr_555 who kindly granted permission for me to use it in this slide. 🙂

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