Watch the Frog … Scott Goodson Joins

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by: Alain Thys

Early 2000, I ran a pitch for the global advertising budget of a dot-com I had joined after leaving Reebok.  There was about $50 million to burn, so our pot of honey attracted some big flies. 

Still, amidst behemoths like DDB New York (who won the award for worst pitch ever), Saatchi and something big I frankly don’t remember, there was a small, loud, upstart agency from Amsterdam making some serious waves.

Headed by a chap named Scott Goodson, they came in, sporting strawberry scented business cards and a comic strip book about about frogs attacking dinosaurs.  It was the first time I encountered The Strawberry Frogs.

Today, thanks to Facebook and Technorati, Scott and I hooked up again, and he’s graciously agreed to become a contributor to the Futurelab blog.

As such, the Futurelab family extends with one individual, who also happens to be the founder and CEO of Strawberry Frog.  I hope you enjoy his musings as much as I.