Papervision3D: Geometry in a Flash

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by: C. Sven Johnson

I caught word of Papervision3D via a post on the design:related social network. I’m impressed. If you watched the video, you probably are too. But more importantly, with recent reviews of Kinset’s virtual Brookstone space (Link 1, Link 2), I can’t help but think that a Flash- or Shockwave-based solution might not be a better approach for targeted e-commerce.

Some of the Papervision3D sites are really well done and I’d be very
interested in seeing how a hybrid 2D/3D virtual store might turn out.

For a taste of Papervision3D in action, check these out:

mediacatalyst’s site for the Canon EOS 400D (Link)
Blitz Ad Agency’s “The Office” 3D panoramic for NBC
Tequila’s driving game for the Nissan Rogue

Watching the videos and trying the various sites, I decided to get up-to-speed on the state of Shockwave3D.

I know. It seems a bit dated now. But the number of 3D games currently
available is notable. The developer community seems plenty dedicated.
There are also some impressive multiplayer games out there using
Shockwave (after a mention on Raph Koster’s blog, I played with one earlier this year: Sherwood Dungeon).

I’m unsure what Adobe has planned for Director. I am, however, aware they announced a new release tentatively slated for late this year (and it’s getting pretty late now). Given some of their recent moves toward supporting 3D content,
I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull something out regarding
Shockwave/Director. With 3D e-commerce attracting so much buzz, they’d
certainly be in a good position to capitalize.