Driving successfully web 2.0 into the enterprise

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by: Christian Smagg

There are risks and challenges associated with adopting any new technology, and Enterprise 2.0 is no different. 

It is quickly becoming evident that successful implementation is arising from business strategy, aligned with clearly defined outcomes & objectives, and supported by organisational structures, company’s culture and adapted technologies. Like any other project, it requires thought, preparation, support, energy, and communication.

A lot of companies are currently planning their web
2.0 strategies and are discovering the opportunities as well as facing
the challenges of adopting these technologies in the workplace.

This “ZDNet At the Whiteboard” video entitled “Web 2.0 at Work”
is examining the pain points of implementing Web 2.0 tools at work, and
offers a strategy as well as key considerations for a successful
deployment and adoption.

The business case,
system adoption and issues around fragmentation are typical pain points
that companies are dealing with as far as Enterprise 2.0 implementation
is concerned. Making this type of initiative a success requires
aligning the following critical aspects: senior management commitment
and involvement, internal communication, company’s culture and
organisational change, providing incentives and recognition, and
finally selecting the appropriate infrastructure. Effective Enterprise
2.0 platforms should operate across silos, directly relate to clearly
identified critical business processes and reach out to customers,
employees as well as suppliers and partners for maximum collaboration,
innovation and adoption.

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