Top 15 Coolest Worldwide

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by: Scott Goodson

Dutch-based “Sign of the times” has published their 15 coolest (things?) worldwide. Some of them are mechanical wonders, like the levitating functional light bulb, to the oddly named Space Disco, and also such bizarre selections as the Momento Mori by Barry Barton, an Australian who makes jewelry out of animals.

What are the criteria for this thought-provoking list? Who knows.

Stated intent:

Signs of the time’s Top 15 of Coolest Worldwide is made with the contributions of the best experts we know.

Some have worldwide fame. Like Joe Pine (“Experience Economy”). Like Mark Simpson (with worldwide books as “Male Impersonators” and “Sex Terror”). Like Marian Salzman (“The Future of Man”). Like Kjell Nordstrom (“Funky Business”.)

Others are simply the most interesting “young dogs”/”penetrative minds” we know. Like Kees Elands when it comes to worldwide creative culture. Like Andre do Val (Sao Paulo) and Enzo Dalverme (Milan), when it comes to fashion trends and photography. Like Kai van Hasselt when it comes to architecture and urban development. Like Josh Levine (LA) and Barrie Barton (Sydney) when it comes to cool connections between brands and trends. Like Matsume Kai when it comes to trends in China. (It is a shame that we cannot mention all contributors here -)

Every month they contribute to the next version of Signs of the time’s Top 15 of Coolest Worldwide. At Signs of the time, we interpret their contributions on what is the cool mentality behind it. Plus we make a short worldwide overview summery.

Leading overall themes in this first Top 15 Coolest Worldwide: 1. The rise of Sustainability and Social Responsibility version 2.0. 2. The growing intrigue by how the real world and the virtual one connect and interact. 3. Give us designs – virtual and real – that really add to our lives quality. 4. The continuous rise and new manifestations of Experience Economy. And 5: Yes, we are going global, therefore we love the regional, the intimately close by even more than before.