Serious Games Bring the Mall to Web Browsers

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by: Eliane Alhadeff

A web based virtual shopping mall launched in New Zealand, allows users to navigate a three dimensional space to browse and buy products, bringing what the company says is the same shopping experience as in the real world. is not a portal that redirects consumers to third party websites, instead creating an online virtual shopping mall.

The service was developed under the management of Nigel Kirkpatrick, CEO who has previous experience in start up companies both locally and globally with Industrial Research Limited and Unilever.


Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, the project is one of many to come out of the Upstart Incubator, a programme that guides new entrepreneurial projects in creative arts, business and technology.

“This represents the next generation of retail, through a virtual environment; it’s original, it’s exciting and it has amazing potential.

The 3D visualisation technology means consumers can enjoy the experience of shopping at any time of day or night’ says Mr Kirkpatrick.

Upstart Business Incubator Hooks Top CEO

Dunedin’s Upstart Business Incubator has attracted a world class CEO, Nigel Kirkpatrick, to drive development on one of its companies.

Mr Kirkpatrick previously worked as Chief Executive of Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand’s leading industrial scientific research company based in Lower Hutt. Mr Kirkpatrick is working on developing The Street, a concept described as the next generation of Internet, which has the potential to be a multi-million dollar global business.

"It’s so new, and exciting, that’s what I love the most about the tech industry. That’s why I’ve taken on this role. The Street has massive potential globally, and I want to be the one who introduces it to the world. It’s also a terrific opportunity for us to create a global business which can successfully be based in New Zealand."

"Nigel has worked in Zurich, Switzerland, as global innovation leader for the multinational company DiverseyLever. And prior to that, he managed DiverseyLever operations in Asia and New Zealand. He brings with him a wide understanding of global trends in innovation and the changing needs of the international workplace. He has huge experience in working with industry to understand and meet their needs, and his knowledge of global technology trends gives me total confidence he can take The Street where it needs to go."

About Upstart

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