Second Slice: Serious Games Embed Ambitious Marketing

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by: Eliane Alhadeff (via Business & Games)

A new Canadian online digital magazine, Second Slice, focuses on issues of marketing in virtual worlds (click here to download)

According to its publisher and VP at One Up Marketing, Mario Parisé. Second Slice is “an attempt to give marketers who are active in virtual worlds a stronger and more unified voice. It all got started when the more mainstream business press decided to go on a Second Life bashing spree, ridiculing marketers and businesses going in-world.”

The goal is to foster discussion and debate that takes marketers, as an industry, and as people, to entirely new levels that we cannot even foresee.

First Issue Contributors

Sarah “Intellagirl Tully” Robbins has pitched in an article on how virtual worlds fit into the big picture of Web 2.0.

Kate Trgovac is contributing a multi-part series on what marketers can and must learn from indigenous fashion designers in “Our New Competition”.

Nic Mitham has written a multi-part piece “A Buyer’s Guide to Virtual Retailing”.

I would specially highlight Joseph Jaffe’s article “Top 10 Reasons why Marketers hate Second Life”, which includes pearls such as All brands are islands (as opposed to: no man is an Island), Control is not an option and Rabbit holes are not great for people not called Alice.

Second Slice Aspiration
Publishers hope that reading Second Slice means one will be as knowledgeable, if not more so, than anyone else when it comes to marketing in virtual worlds. It should ultimately act as a platform for teaching and debate.

They also hope people contribute.

Contributing to Second Slice helps spread your name and your personal brand as an expert on virtual world marketing. As a bonus, all contributors get the following benefits:

Any advertising revenue generated gets divided amongst all contributors. Second Slice does not keep any of the revenues, even to cover costs.
All contributors get free ad space in the issues they contribute to

If you have something you want to say about marketing in virtual worlds, get your opinion out there. Forget objective journalism. Write about what you believe. Objectivity will be reached when people with opposing viewpoints also contribute.

How to contribute
Deadline for the next issue is DECEMBER 8th ’07.
Send your submissions to Evelyne Gervais at

Via: One Up Marketing Ltd.

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