Advertising in The Culture Economy

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by: Scott Goodson

The opportunity for advertisers is to define culture. The culture point is fundamental.

We are entering, from a business point of view, the Culture Economy. The Culture Economy is where brands define or redefine culture in the social context. Where consumers align and engage with the values of this culture. Where the company lives, acts and does culture. Where culture drives business decisions. It’s the exact opposite of a company who simply sews a marketing idea onto a company as appendage.

Adam Morgan told me “Seeing the people behind the brand, wanting to see the brand’s position on CSR transparently, judging a brand by what it does rather than what it says, all this adds up to an environment where we make our choices on the culture we see visible in the company rather than the badge it wears on its shirt.’

I believe that age of the product and the brand being in the foreground is over, and instead the key to the next paradigm of marketing, is the completeness of everything about it. It’s about finding a total fit between the product, brand and the cultural and social context in which it’s used.

Through this lens, before you know it, you have a change in culture on your hands, and a smart brand can profit from it.

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