Poor Service Results in Major Retail Loss

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by: David Polinchock

Anyone who read this blog will say "no kidding" when they read this, but glad to see someone is actually putting some research together. Maybe now people will listen!

A study by M/A/R/C(R) Research and National In-Store revealed that more than 16 percent of consumers would stop shopping at a retail store if they received bad customer service, particularly in the areas of consumer electronics and home improvement.

Consumers also noted the importance of sales associates, with 95 percent indicating that associates were very or somewhat important and two-thirds stating that sales associates were very important. "The role of sales associates is further reinforced by the results of our survey," said Erika Cinicolo, Research Manager at M/A/R/C Research. "While product and price may bring customers in the door, executing the expected level of customer service keeps them from walking out and into a competitor's store."

Link: Poor Service Results in Major Retail Loss.

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