IAB Defines Types of Game Advertising

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by: Alain Thys (via Business & Games)

Now marketers have finally caught on to this interactive thing and seem to be ever more shy of places to put their new found digital 2008 budgets, gaming finally seems to be hitting the radar as well. An excellent time to seize the day, the guys at IAB must have thought as they just released the first of a series of papers to establish some standards in the chaotic world of advergaming (or was it gamevertising?).

This question is quickly answered after reading the Game Advertising Platform Status Report: Let the Games Begin. In a concise 12 page report, IAB gives us all a short introduction to what gaming is about as well as a first stab at the right terminology to attach to the right type of activity.

Nothing really new in the report itself, and from a consumer/player perspective I have some serious problems with the ad-formats proposed, yet starting to speak the same language is … well, a start.

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