Lovemarks at PICNIC

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by: David Polinchock

Richard Hytner presented on the Saatchi Lovemarks approach. Rolf Jensen (, futurist, said the highest paid profession in the 1st half of the century will be storytellers.

People live for adventure, discovery and surprise. Need to welcome people into your lovemarks with all of their senses. Talked about Sisomo, but I still don't get it. Just seems like packaging of the same thing with a new word.

Lovemarks creativity and authentically do the right thing. Sustainability will be a critical in the future and all companies will need to put that into everything they do.

Everything is a paradox. Work well and do good.

Lovemarks is about attraction.

What do you do when the product doesn't match the lovemarks advertising? Don't advertise until it's ready. Lovemarks touches everything.

Does it require different skills? Since Lovemarks goes much deeper then the usual agency relationship, agencies need different skills and also need different set of partners.

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