The Curious Reluctance of Luxury

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by: C. Sven Johnson

I’ve been wanting to post an entry regarding an interview with luxury brands consultant, businesswoman and author Uche Okonkwo over on the Mass Customization website (Link), but as I’ve been out of sorts lately I’m only now getting back to it.

It’s not a very long entry, but it introduces something I’d not considered an issue. From the post:

What are the main challenges in mass customization for the luxury industry still ahead?


The major challenge lies in changing the orientation and thinking of luxury companies. The majority of luxury brands have a pessimistic view of mass customization. Luxury brands need to recognize customization as a core aspect of their corporate strategies and a booster of brand equity.

I’d have thought luxury brands would consider themselves more at risk by not entering the customization market and providing those additional services to consumers than jumping in ahead of the eventual competition. Surprising that they see this so differently; so defensively. Reminds me of mass media’s reluctance to embrace new technologies and adapt while they had the chance instead of being overtaken and overwhelmed.

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