Pal West – New Dutch Fashion Brand Made By Youngsters

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by: Sebastian Campion

For more than 10 years the Dutch design platform Young Designers & Industry (YD+I) has developed and facilitated explorative projects that bring together young talented designers and public and private industries to solve complex problems.

One of the latest results to emerge from one of YD+I's projects is the fashion brand Pal West.

The project provided youngsters between 14-17 in Amsterdam's New West area a unique opportunity to develop their own fashion brand with the help of a team of young professional designers. Together they developed everything from clothes, marketing, communication and business concepts for the Pal West brand. The first collection was presented in June at the Streetart Festival held in conjunction with Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

The purpose of the project is to help generate economic, social and cultural opportunities for the the youngsters as well as help contribute to a positive image of the Amsterdam New West area.

YD+I is directed by Peik Suyling who is also the chairman of Amsterdam Creativity Exchange. If you are a visionary company or organization interested in unconventional approaches to innovation, you should get in touch with him. Companies to have worked with YD+I include Heineken and British Telecom.

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