Age-generic or age-specialist

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by: Dick Stroud

A sports mag for older people (GeezerJock) and its decision to launch a new title, just for the older cyclists (Master Cyclists), may not sound to be of much importance, but I think it is.
This is what this new mag is all about.

We'll provide the in-depth coverage of all the essential Masters cycling races in every discipline — from road racing to mountain biking to cyclo-cross.

We'll also provide all the information Masters Cyclists need on local clubs, cycling travel, tours, gear, nutrition and training.

As an older cyclist (which I am not) would I be interested in:

1. A magazine that is aimed at older cyclists

2. A magazine that is aimed at cyclist that appreciates that part of its readership will cover multiple ages

3. The best magazine about cycling, even if it is focused on younger cyclists.

I think this example is a microcosm of the marketing options facing the media. Basically does age trump specialist interest? As a consultant I would naturally say: “it depends on the specific circumstances”. But, I suspect that there are some universal rules that govern this question. I just don’t happen to know them. Dick Stroud

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