SAP Global Survey on Social Media/Web 2.0

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by: Karl Long

It seems that SAP, one of the biggest suppliers of software that help run big businesses is working on a research report to help understand what’s really happening in the world around social media. They have got Shel Israel (co-author with Robert Scoble of Naked Conversations) to help in this and Shel is taking a similar research approach as well, talking to people. one of the great things about Shel’s research is he’s publishing interviews as he goes on his blog, here’s his conversation with Doc Searls, and again with Robert Scoble.

The point is here 1. there’s some great stuff in these interviews, and 2. big companies, no, scratch that huge companies are paying much closer attention to social media.

What’s your facebook strategy?

Couple of quotes i like:

9. What social media tools are on the rise and which are sinking? Is this the same or different worldwide as far as you know?

Hot: Facebook.
Hot: iPhone.
Hot: Twitter/Pownce/Jaiku (Pownce is hottest this week).
Cooling: blogging (Twitter is taking a lot of attention away from it).
Hot: Photosharing services and Scrapblogging stuff.
Steady but not sexy: Wikis.
Cooling: Second Life.

Doc Searls
5. How has business fundamentally changed because of social media? How will it change in the coming years?

The walls of business will come down. That’s the main effect of the Net itself. Companies are people and are learning to adapt to a world where everybody is connected, everybody contributes, and everybody is zero distance (or close enough) from everybody else. This is the “flat world” Tom Friedman wrote “The World is Flat” about, and he’s right. Business on the whole has still not fully noticed this, however.

Doc Searls
1. You are one of the founding fathers of whatever it is that is going on now…

And what is that? If it’s Web 2.0, I demand a paternity test, and I am sure it will reveal, in the immortal words of Michael Jackson, “the kid is not my son. ” If what’s going on now is the Live Web, and I think it is, we shall get to it shortly.

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