korean police stations have cyber terror units

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by: Lynette Webb

Another in the series of anecdotes about how the world is changing. Along with all the positive changes wrought by technology, there’s clearly also a darker side.

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In Korea, the problem of cyber-terrorising… which I’m assuming is like an advanced form of cyber bullying… is now so widespread – and with the potential for such an impact – that police stations have dedicated resources to deal with it. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to have reached this scale here in UK although sadly I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

The quote in full: "All of Korea's police stations now have a cyber terror unit to help deal with the problem. The number of cases referred to Korea's Internet Commission tripled last year. "Often using other people's login to a website, these people spread bad rumours aimed at affecting the victim's social status," said Chun Seong Lee, Liaison Officer at the Cyber Terror Response Centre. "It's happening a lot. In these situations people could lose their job, or it could affect their social life, even causing mental illness. That's all happening because of the development of the internet, of course." – BBC Nov 3 2006 news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/6112754.stm

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