Apple + Nokia

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by: David Armano


Karl Long, Nokia employee and emerging media pro gave me a heads up regarding a video he just produced along with Paul Whitaker.  What's worth noting is that Karl actually hit the streets and chatted up a few folks about their current phones and what they were trading in for the iPhone etc. Nokia is definitely taking the iPhone threat seriously, but it's pretty cool to see a few folks out there mixing it up at the personal level to try to get a better Karl also discovered that the iPhone doesn't do video:

"One side note that I only discovered after doing this video is the iPhone doesn’t do video at all, which I was really surprised about. When Paul was editing he put his Nokia fan boy bumper that said “you can watch this on an iPhone but you couldn’t make it” and I actually argued with him on that point, I thought video was assumed."

I give a lot of credit to Karl for going out there and using a Nokia phone to document the power of Apple.  When the competition heats up—you should absolutely get out there to see what's going on.  And in this case, Karl and team hit the pavement to see first hand.

Speaking of Nokia—I absolutely love this slideshow they produced.  I don't own a Nokia phone.  If anyone out there does, do you feel the sideshow is consistent with your experience with Nokia?


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