Updates to Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs

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by: Jon Miller

Here are 13 more blogs about b-to-b marketing, bringing the total on the complete Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs to 89 blogs.

B2B marketing as a group is still lagging far behind other categories of marketing blogs. Why is this?? Please keep letting me know if you find any B2B blogs that I missed.

As always, here is the updated B2B marketing blog OPML file as well.

New B2B Marketing Blogs

  • Aggressive Small Business Marketing – Big thoughts, ideas and how-tos for aggressive, fast-growth businesses and the entrepreneurs who fuel them, by Michael Cage.
  • B2B Marketing Blog (German) – Warum technologieunternehmen die macht der marke entdecken sollten (Google translates as: Why technology enterprises should discover the power of the mark).
  • B2Bridge.eu – A pan-European community of business and industrial marketers.
  • Biznology – Where business and technology come together (by IBM's search marketing expert, Mike Moran).
  • Business of Marketing and Branding – David Koopmans writes about marketing and branding in the Information Age.
  • Click To Lead – Michael Ortner of Capterra writes this guide to software marketing and online lead generation.
  • Customers Rock – Becky Caroll shares a B2B perspective on how businesses can make sure their customer experiences rock.
  • CustomerThink – Thought leadership about customer-centric business strategy from the folks formerly known as CRMGuru.
  • marketfusions – Shivonne Byrne's thoughts on strategy, business, marketing, content & creativity.
  • Stupid Marketing – Kevin Epstein promotes great marketing and shins a spotlight on the spectacularly stupid things that sometimes get committed in the name of marketing.
  • The Scrappy Software Marketer – Andrew Kordek shares thoughts, expressions and general tidbits of being a scrappy software marketer.
  • The Social Media Marketing Blog – Scott Monty's perspectives on B2B implications of social media – the convergence of marketing, advertising and PR on the Web – for marketers, agencies and companies.
  • vSente's Blog –Ideas for waging and winning battles for market share, courtesy of Mike Smock.

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