Strategic marketing leverages content, connection, community

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by: John Caddell

John Jantsch's blog "Duct Tape Marketing," focused on the small businessperson, pops up with a killer post on occasion (the rest of the time, it's a bit too commercial, with lots of plugs for his book and others' products). One of the really good posts was yesterday: "Are You Investing in Long Term Marketing?"

In it, he challenges entrepreneurs to focus on the marketing projects that will pay off in the long run–even if in the short run they seem to drain away lots of time. They include

  • content (blogs, white papers, etc.)
  • connection (deeper ties with prospects, colleagues, influencers, mentors, etc.)
  • community (board engagements, local fundraising, etc.)

When I read this post and looked back at the (short) history of my business, I realized that I've gotten every single client via my Rolodex. No exceptions. Either they've been a direct contact or referred by a direct contact. How does my Rolodex grow? By meeting people and gaining their trust through content, connection or community.

Meaning, for me, if I'm making a marketing investment that's not focused on expanding the value or size of my Rolodex, it's simply misplaced.

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