Social Media Disrupts All Company Communication

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by: Karl Long

I was inspired this morning by Daniel’s post on his Emergence Media blog titled Marketing Changes: CMOs, Evangelist, Social Media Programs, Website Strategy Positioning, it’s a very meaty article and worth a good read.

Longer Tail of Media Consumption
Increasing variety of media (mobile, social networks, search blogs, Xbox 360) that people are consuming means more effort required for marketing/brand/PR integration and more requirements for a “grand strategy” vision.
Marketing increased emphasis as a Revenue Driver
Increasing Trend Towards Measurement and ROI means that marketing will take high prominence in the C-level space, helping shape product development, internal culture and budgeting
Social Media as the Disruptor on the Web
Social affecting all of Interactive Marketing Activities, diversifying the types of media being consumed and making marketers have greater engagement with the customer audience and moving from brand control to brand management.

Great article, and it reiterated something for me and that is social media disrupts almost every communication mechanism a company has. Blogs, podcasts, tweets, etc all pierce the membranes that companies have been used to for the last 50 years, and connect everyone in ways that are unexpected, unplanned, and interesting.

I’m taking a leaf out of David Armano’s book here and attempting to illustrate my idea in a diagram, the thing i’m really trying to get across is that all aspects of a company is probably involved in social media in one way or another:

Bare in mind this diagram is a vast simplification, first imagine there is probably an “…osphere” for every value creating function and support function in your company, and then overlay that with David Armano’s influence ripples diagram, and then imagine that extending in all 3 dimensions… I know, it’s pretty rad.

I think I just Blue My Mind

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