Architectradure on Prosthetics (*Update*}

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by: C. Sven Johnson

There are a series of posts over on Architectradure – “Wearable Robotic” (Link), “A Living Sculpture” (Link), and “Inspiring book : the Prosthetic Impulse” (Link) – that I’m finding fascinating. They’re generally concerned with the topic of prosthetics but also touch on issues of identity (one of my current favorites) and human augmentation (reminding me a little of the “wearable stomach” shown in the recent Sterling/Klinker GoogleTech video – Link).

While related to much of the blog’s regular content – which is always interesting – this current focus seems to be inspired by a recent “h2.0″ symposium at MIT (Link). I’ll have to spend some time on the h2.0 site.

In the meantime, because I’ve been noticing more “fab” websites popping up on the net, I thought it might be worth a visit to the Open Prosthetics Project site (Link). Sure enough, there’s one particular entry discussing an articulating hand prototype (Link) that’s well worth taking the time to read. Inspiring stuff.

{Update: MIT Tech Review is carrying a story on one of the presentations – “The World’s First Powered Ankle” (Link).}

{Image source: Nick Knight/SHOWstudio}

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