Updates to Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs

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by: Jon Miller

Here are 22 new B2B marketing blogs. Thanks to everyone who liked the list and who let me know about new blogs. As always, here is the complete Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs as well as the updated B2B marketing blog OPML file. (Right click and and save-as, then import to your reader).

More B2B Marketing Blogs

  • 10,000 Marshmallows – ViaMetric's blog focuses on primarily on marketing accountability. The name: How do you eat 10,000 marshmallows? One at a time.
  • Approvr Blog – Topics in marketing operations, including managing proofing and approvals.
  • B2B International – B2B market research consultancy focused on international issues.
  • B2B Web Strategy – Business-useful, thought-leadership information about driving traffic, engaging visitors, conversion, measurement, and internet marketing from the folks at eMagine.
  • Bad Marketing – Todd Ebert tells the good, the bad and the ugly of B2B marketing, and gives ideas for on improving it.
  • BeeToBee – Not a blog… like Digg for B2B Marketing. Check it out.
  • Bill Hartzer – Bill writes about corporate website marketing and search engine optimization for B2B companies. (Bill's website is Corporate Website Marketing and his LiveJournal blog republishes press releases about Search Engine Optimization and B2B website tips.
  • Branding and Marketing – Chris Brown writes for business professionals with an interest in branding and marketing, with a focus on building awareness.
  • B-to-B Tech Marketing Blog – Conversations about marketing to IT and developers by Pauline Beall of CMP Media.
  • Demandblog – Best practices in B2B demand generation (back again after a long pause?).
  • Enterprise Software Executive – David Gearhart's blog is dedicated to helping enterprise software executives increase sales and improve marketing.
  • Freaking Marketing – Robert Rosenthal shares all types of marketing tips, including B2B marketing and lead generation categories.
  • Guerrilla Consulting – Michael McLaughlin helps consultants market themselves with breakthrough tactics for winning profitable clients.
  • I Confess – Rob DeRobertis shares stories in B2B high tech marketing.
  • LeadBuying.com – Conversations on lead buying, including a blog and an open forum and wiki.
  • Manhattan Marketing Maven – Danny Flamberg shares practical hands-on marketing and advertising tips.
  • PR2.0 – Brian Solis' blog fuses public relations, social media, and new media marketing.
  • Selling in the Salesforce.com Era – Aaron Ross writes about accelerating growth, reducing uncertainty, and creating a predictable sales machine in the on-demand era.
  • ShopTalk – John Caddell gives a daily look at business-to-business marketing, highlighting trends, focusing on what works and what doesn't.
  • The Credibility Branding Blog – Jennifer McLean blogs about accelerating sales through credibility.
  • Tyco Blog – Tim Young, formerly of the B2B Lead Generation & Management Blog, writes about sales, marketing, and strategy for business owners and executives.
  • WebMama's Look at the Web – WebMama, aka Barb Coll, focuses on search engine marketing for B2B companies.

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