Embracing the Long Media Tail

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by: Dick Stroud

The image (that you will need to open to view) is from an article in a Millward Brown news release.

As the article says:

People are finding more ways to get entertained, informed, connect with each other, buy things, define and express themselves. This is because of the growing number of technologies, appliances and new content they can access or even create.

Therefore the number of different forms of media that people are interacting with is increasing. This concept is known as the Long Media Tail as illustrated in the chart.

I thought it was an extensive list of ways that are available to marketers when communicating with their audience. It is a well written article that applies equally to the over-50s as a younger audience.

Original Post: http://www.20plus30.com/blog/2007/04/embracing-long-media-tail.html