The Conversation Age

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by: David Armano

Some exciting things are in the air.  This Sunday, BusinessWeek will be publishing a 1300+ word article I've written around the "Conversation Architect" mindset.  More of that to come on Sunday evening.  And in true conversation/co-creation fashion—Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton are spearheading a collaborative e-book effort titled "The Conversation Age".  I'll be contributing by designing both the cover as well as talking about "conversation architecture" and "the relationship renaissance".

Some of the other contributers include:

But you can participate too (just e-mail Drew).  Here's some additional info:

"The Conversation Age", an e-book featuring submissions from 100 bloggers, all addressing the subject of "conversation" from different perspectives.  And in the spirit of community, the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Variety International, a charity dedicated to helping children across the globe.  You can learn more about the project from Gavin and Drew, including how you can get involved with this exciting project.


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