Conference Notes From Virtual Worlds 2007

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by: Karl Long

An old friend and colleague just sent me these notes he had written up for the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference that just took place in NY.

main point being there is a lot of stuff happening out there and SecondLife is just one player.

“We are at the silent movie stage.”
“This is one freaky, geeky 21st century we are moving into.”
“A lot of this is going to happen and a lot of it is not going to happen.”

Companies to watch:

  • GSD&M marketing and advertising
  • Forterra – If SecondLife is the Internet then these guys are the Intranet, serious technology for training, Military, medical etc.
  • Blog about the meterverse
  • Reallusion – 3d tools
  • Similar value proposition to SecondLife
  • Second Life
  • Parks Associates Consumer research for “digital living technologies” (not sure what meterverse related stuff they’ve done)
  • Multiverse Network of MMOGS and Virtual Worlds
  • McKenna (?)
  • Entropia Universe a “massive online virtual universe” cool graphics, real economy
  • Proton Media e-Learning, e-Meetings, e-Selling
  • Whyville Kids virtual world for learning
  • Habbo The 8bit graphic version of SecondLife
  • Trilogy Studios Game developer? (I hope there games are more fun than their site, bit of a problem navigating the flash pop-up site)

You should definitely go read the rest of his notes, i just pulled a couple of things that caught my eye.

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