no-one would have believed ipod more popular than beer

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by: Lynette Webb

No need to say much about this. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, but I’ve had this quote sitting round for a while and today I stumbled across the perfect image for it. It’s a reminder of just how fast things like the iPod have spread.

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Here’s the quote in full:
"No one expected that the iPod would become the signature artifact of our young century, selling more than 60 million units in its first five years. No one envisioned vast swaths of humanity escaping reality via the White Earbud Express. And no one would ever have believed that a 2005 survey would report that the iPod is more popular on college campuses … than beer. But that's what happened. " – Steven Levy, Newsweek, Oct 23 2006
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The article is actually a kind of intro to his book “The Perfect Thing”. I read it over Xmas and it was way better a book than I expected. I love my iPod, even though I seldom use it more than 30 minutes a day, and the book made me think about why it provoked such feeling. If you’re curious about why iPod’s have such a hold of people, read this book:…

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