Designing Conversations In Beta

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By: David Armano

"David—good design is good business and you have demonstrated an ability to design conversations".

This is part of a handwritten note I recieved from Valeria Maltoni a while back, which came along with a signed copy of Mavericks at Work.  The book and note was a nice gesture.  And a source of inspiration.

The Slideshare deck above is a "beta version" of what I've been working on for my upcoming Webinar on Marketing Profs.  You'll need to hear the voiceover for the full effect, but here's basically what's on my mind these days—the deck is a true mash up of ideas I've come across as well as what's been in my head:

Marketing has traditionally been about messages
Marketing is increasingly becoming about experiences
These experiences are enhanced by facilitating conversations and promoting community
This converts passive consumers to active participants, seeking relationships
Relationships lead to loyalty, affinity, and an emotional connection.

We need to design conversations.
We need to stop marketing.
We need to become conversation architects.

This is what's on my mind these days.  These are themes you'll hear about on the Webinar and at SOBCon.  And while I'm on the subject of SOBCon, here is a snippet from the description of my outline which is aimed at bloggers looking to take their blogs to the next level:

Designing Conversations: How “Conversation Architecture” can result in an effective, differentiated blog experience.

"David, will combine his strengths in visual communications and experience design to show you how you can tap these techniques to help differentiate your blog and build a better experience for your community.

  • The myth and reality of design and what it means to blogging
  • How “conversation architecture” can strengthen your community
  • How design effects our “personal brands” and can help you find your “voice”
  • How visuals can enhance our conversations and spark meaningful dialogue
  • How to upgrade your blog experience without alienating your community
  • How you can get noticed by mainstream media and other influencers

Sometimes this all feels like a second job.  One that doesn't pay the bills.  But being I'd rather be a participant than spectator—so in this context it's worth it.  So here's where my head is at.  Thoughts welcome as you always make my thinking better."

Everything in beta.

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