Talent At The Edges, Innovation At The Edges

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by: Karl Long

It happens to people, it happens to ideas, it happens to blogs, it happens to businesses, innovation and talent is coming from the edges. The means to try, the means to invent, the means to fail and try again is available to anyone with an internet connection and increasingly they are ones willing to try new things.

Anyway, I posted a while ago to a little comedy video, kind of spinal tap meets Brittany Spears, called Teenie Weenie that was done by a youtuber called Lisa Nova. Anyway, I just found out that she got hired by MadTV as a cast member and her first sketch will be on this weekend, February 17th. Sure, she’s not the first, the lonely island guys got a gig on SNL for instance, but I think the trend of talent and innovation coming from the edges is going to have increasingly powerful effects on business and media over the coming years. This is only just beginning.

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