Most people aren't interested in reunions because they use Myspace to keep up

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by: Lynette Webb

This off-the-cuff quote by Sam Ford over at MIT’s Convergence Culture blog shows how social networking services are morphing to continue to support relationships, even when people are ‘grown up’. They might not be as actively updated & visited, but they’re still a part of life.

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It’s an interesting perspective and makes me wish this stuff had been around back in my school days. I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to evolve.

I wonder too if we’ll eventually see similar things happening among ex-work colleagues. At the moment most people I know with MySpace-type pages treat them as private and separate from work; but it can’t be long until we get the first Myspace-type thingy for professional use. We’ve got Linked-In already but that’s totally at the other end of the spectrum and feels really formal, more like a yellow pages of CVs than something that I’d actively update with personal news. We’ve got Friends Reunited too, but again it’s slightly off-chord to what I’m envisioning. Hmmm…

I’ve bastardised Sam’s quote to make it fit on the slide, but here it is in full:
“We recently talked about having our five-year class reunion, and I found that most of the people I asked said they really had no reason to get together in five years because they used sites like MySpace and Facebook to stay in touch with anyone they really wanted to keep up with, anyway”.…

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