DNA Portrait

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by: Sebastian Campion

The idea of using invisible information to generate visible forms has flourished in recent years, thanks to new sophisticated technologies as well as our increasing desire for things with meaning.

One of the latest examples reflecting the trend is Daniel Libeskind's Freedom Tower in New York City. The spire of the building is planned to be 1,776 feet high – 1776 was the year when the United States Declaration of Independence was drafted.
Another more dynamic example is the Allianz Arena in Munich, which has a surface that can change color depending on the action inside of the stadium.

At the other end of the scale is the mural at the Agnes Scott College in the US. When the college opened a Science Center back in 2003, one of the students came up with the idea of decorating a wall with a DNA motif. The three-story high motif represents the exact DNA of Agnes Scott whom the college was named after in 1906.

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Agnes Scott College

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