fan sites are like dungeons and dragons 30 years ago

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by: Lynette Webb 

Hindsight is an amazing thing. 🙂
I like this quote a lot, it’s a nice companion to the classic William Gibson quote “The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed” (which is still on my ToDo list to turn into a slide).

Of course, just because something exists today that’ll be huge tomorrow doesn’t necessarily make it easier to spot… but it shows that things don’t come from nowhere. Digital developments often have a longer and richer history than most people credit.

The quote is by Stephen Johnson, who wrote the book “Everything Bad is Good For You”. Here’s the quote in full:
"I think these largely marginal fan fiction obsessive sites are certainly destined to become more mainstream in the coming years, and that will make it increasingly essential for television shows to foster some kind of interactivity," Mr. Johnson said. "Those fan sites are like the Dungeons and Dragons or dice baseball players 30 years ago. They looked like they were destined to be a sub-subculture, but in fact what they were doing eventually became the videogame industry, which is the dominant form of entertainment for 10- to 25-year-old boys now.…

Image is from Flickr CC thanks to Tiny Tear.
I’d had it bookmarked for ages – I’m so pleased to have found at last found a quote to go with it. There’s just something so wonderful about the attention to detail – and yet still clearly lovingly homemade, not to mention scrumptious looking! This, for people who aren’t familiar with the sci-fi series Dr Who, is a Dalek cake. Dalek’s are the Doctor’s mortal enemies… they are basically like overgrown upside down rubbish bins with lights that roll around squeeking ‘exterminate exterminate’… The police box in the background is Dr Who’s time-travelling vehicle, the tardis.