Taking the Online Pulse: Green Marketing in 2006

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by: David Wigder

As 2006 draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the trends that are emerging globally on “green marketing”.  Free web analytics tools can help marketers quickly take the pulse of this space online.

“Green marketing” references clearly increased in the blogosphere during 2006, perhaps by 50-100+% according to Technorati Charts tool.   


The year started off with more than 100 references daily, but soon increased to an average of 150-200+ for the remainder of the year.  Many factors contributed to this, perhaps none more than the release of The Inconvenient Truth in May or rising gasoline prices which spiked in April and hovered near $3 throughout the summer.

Searches for “green marketing”, on the other hand, held relatively steady throughout 2006 according to Google Trends, a prototype analytics tool from Google Labs. It is difficult to assess the broader significance of this, however, as the term is hardly a bellwether for consumer interest in green products, but more likely a reflection of (lower volume) interest by marketing professionals.

What is interesting, however, is where the dialogue is taking place.  On a normalized basis, searches for “green marketing” are happening globally – and especially within the developing markets of Asia. (NOTE: normalized basis is defined as users’ propensity to search for a topic on Google on a relative basis)

Top “Regions” based on (normalized) search for “green marketing”

  1. India
  2. Malaysia
  3. Thailand
  4. Colombia
  5. Ireland
  6. United Kingdom

  7. Australia

  8. United States

  9. Canada

  10. Finland


I look forward to monitoring these emerging trends in 2007.


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