Must Watch Video: Shopping 2016

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by: Alain Thys

We’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days because of a busy week at the Marketing 3 conference in the Netherlands, yet to make up, we wanted to bring you a few early Christmas presents in the form of key videos from the conference.

The most fascinating imh – yet proud – o is the one by our own Ilya Vedrashko on how shopping will look in the year 2016? Based on research and thinking he already started at MIT, Ilya gave a fascinating presentation which does not shy away from some pretty bold predictions, yet at the same time stays connected to reality in a way a former shopkeeper like myself cannot deny.

We haven’t (yet) found a version of the video we could embed via Youtube or likes, yet if you want to see the video (ca. 35 minutes) click here to go to the MediaPlaza TV website.

You can also watch The Long Tail speech by Chris Anderson (in which you have to bear with me for a few minutes in Dutch first) as well as some of the other speakers. If you happen to get hooked on the Dutch (or actually understand it) you can also have a look at I Am the Media by yours truly.

Happy watching