media meshing in europe

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by: Lynette Webb

This data isn’t particularly surprising – we’ve known directionally this was the case from personal experience & other studies – but it’s still useful to have a general indicator for Europe.

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It’s not quite as striking as – because it only talks about “sometimes using” which could mean occasionally or often, but still it’s helpful. The reality of media meshing is, to me, yet another powerful argument for why campaigns need to be planned in an integrated fashion across ALL aspects. Surprisingly often there still can be a chasm between on & offline activity. As a consumer, if I hear a radio or TV ad and in response go to the website, I want to see the details of the ad offer on the website. It sounds obvious, but you can’t assume it will automatically happen when on & online are handled by different divisions.

Here’s the press release for the study (although this data is not referenced – I got it from the report itself).…
Image from Flickr CC thanks to Laineys Repertoire 

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