Internet Still on Day One

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by: Lynette Webb

This is a really old quote – 5 years old already! – but it’s still one of my favourites… I finally had a reason to turn it into a Flickr slide last week. I think the quote is even more resonant now – at the time he said this, it was before the whole social networking/web2.0 buzz – so you can look back even now and see how far we’ve progressed.

I personally think there are some even bigger changes still to come that we’re only getting glimpses of now.
To give you an example, the whole concept of digital identity is still at an extremely early stage – in my mind, akin to where (the first site in the genre back in mid 90’s) fitted into the social networking tableau. But in 5-10 years I think we’ll see a similar advance in the digital identity field. The most compelling explanation of this I’ve come across is this presentation by Dick Hardt He also has one of the most compelling presentation styles & use of powerpoint that I’ve ever seen, frankly it’s worth watching just for that. 🙂

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