I have seen the future and it moves!

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by: Dick Stroud

My final posting of 2006 sets the scene for how I intend to extend this blog in 2007. Yep, you got it – lots of video.


I have seen the future and it moves! It may have taken me a bit longer than most to come to this conclusion but I guess – better late than never. It is no surprise that I am not the only person to come to this conclusion. Brent Green’s latest posting is a super example of how video can add real value to a 50-plus blog. The embedded links are not working – here is Brent’s blog address http://boomers.typepad.com/

I thought an appropriate start to using video on this blog would be the best age neutral ad of the year (in the UK).

The ad campaign features Twiggy (57), Erin O’Connor (34), Laura Bailey (34), Noemie Lenoir (27) and Lizzie Jagger (young!) and is credited for driving Marks & Spencers (a very large UK retail chain) to its biggest first-half profit for nine years (a year-on-year increase of 32%).

Hopefully the penny has dropped within the advertising community that age neutral advertising works and can be even win awards. M&S won top prize at the Advertising Effectiveness Awards for generating an estimated 18 million additional visits to M&S’s stores. The blouse modelled by Twiggy in this ad sold more in a week than any other product in the company’s history.

Finally (and it has taken a long time) the advertising world might be waking up to the power of age neutral advertising and I might have woken up to the power of video. Happy New Year.

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