Experience Manifesto: Charmin Bathrooms in Times Square

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by: David Polinchock

Erik Hauser over at the Experiential Marketing Forum posted these facts from Ryan over at the Gigunda Group about the Charmin Experience in Times Square.

Talk about engaging your audience, just look at the average visit time — 22 minutes! This is what happens when you create an authentic, relevant and compelling brand experience. Hopefully this will help other companies get off their butts and start looking for ways to actually engage their audience, rather then just speak at them! Great job Gigunda!

Virtually any time over the weekends and after 5:00 on the weekdays it is absolutely packed in there … we’re averaging 10,400 people per day with some days going over 12,000. (And I was told that it was set up for a 9,000 person/day throughput, so they must really be getting people to go fast!)

some other key points … 

  • 191,000,000 media impressions in the first 24 hours
  • 358,000,000 media impressions in the first 10 days
  • 432,000,000 media impressions as of yesterday (19 days open)
  • minimum family visit: 12 minutes
  • average family visit: 22 minutes
  • 95% of all people take 3 or more photos INSIDE the space
  • over 20 postings on youtube.com
  • over 70,000 results on google for ‘charmin times square’ (and our blog makes the top 10!)
  • NY Times Sunday Editorial: ‘The Disneyland of Restrooms!’  

    Link: Experience Manifesto: Charmin Bathrooms in Times Square.

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