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by: Dick Stroud 

This blog posting is not specific to the 50-plus, other than their contribution as online consumers.

Today, Monday 4 December will be the biggest UK online shopping day of the year, with sales worth £180 million, more than double the £82 million average for 2006. 38% of those sales will take place outside of traditional shopping hours, either before 9am or after 6pm.

The peak online shopping hour of 2006 will be today, between 1-2pm, when goods worth £14 million will be bought. This compares with an average of £4 million-per-hour being spent online in the 10-week run up to Christmas.

This data is in a press release issued by IMRG.

The impact of this shift to online purchasing on the retail sector must be astonishing.

Original Post: http://www.20plus30.com/blog/2006/12/e-monday.html