in digital age anytime step outside your door you risk ridicule

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by: Lynette Webb

The quote says it all really. It comes from a Newsweek article that asked, “will fear of exposure on the Internet cause people to lose every day spontaneity?”.

I agree with the fact that it is more of a possibility for this to happen in a digital world than before…. But, c’mon, it’s still pretty darn remote. I simply don’t agree that we’re all suddenly going to be terrified of taking chances and doing things on the spur of the moment because of it. After all, don’t – kids especially – want to get noticed? You’re just as likely to end up with your “15 mins of fame” being as a celebrity as a buffoon. (In fact you can argue that in a world of reality TV and shamelessly drunken celeb displays, they often go hand-in-hand!)

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