The 21 Strongest Thoughts for 2006

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by: Alain Thys

As I compiled the most read posts on this blog, I couldn’t shake the feeling that "there was a lot of great stuff missing". That’s why I decided to do the "old media" thing and make a selfish editorial selection of what I thought were the twenty strongest thoughts expressed on this blog since its inception (one per contributor). 

In doing so, I was – once again – amazed at the quality of the material written by what can truly be called "some of the sharpest in marketing, strategy and innovation". That is why, as much as a review of the everything on this blog, I would like to consider this list as a tribute to all our contributors. Thanks to everyone for these brilliant thoughts. Have a great 2007 !
Note that the sequence of the posts is not a quality judgment, yet merely reflects the individual’s order in joining our list of contributors.  As the list is highly personal don’t hesitate to add your favourites in the comment section.

And while my Belgian modesty prevents me from adding myself to the list above, from all the rants I threw up on Futurelab’s blog myself, I’m still most intrigued by solving this puzzle myself (I should get round to writing that follow-up)