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by: Dick Stroud  

Grandparent Marketing Group claims to be the world’s first communications company to specialize in the grandparent market. Well certainly there are no companies in the UK making that claim.
The company helps clients understand the market, identify business opportunities, test creative approaches, and launch fully-integrated campaigns to increase sales and grow market share.

The stats used to justify why companies should be taking account of grandparents are startling:

America’s grandparents spend $50.3 billion annually on gifts for their grandkids, averaging $500 each.

One-third of grandparents spend $2,500.

52% fund their grandchildren’s education.

Grandparents purchase one of every four toys, four of every ten children’s books and one of every five video games.

It would (will) be interesting to investigate the linkage between 50-plus, grandparent and gender marketing. That’s something to do in 2007.

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