The Social Media All Ages Show

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by: David Armano

Adweek references a report on the rising age range of participants who are diving into the Social Media Network. 

Let's be honest.  Social Media is nowhere near mainstream  as it is still emerging—however the age diversity is something to keep an eye on.

From the report:

"NEW YORK As top social networking sites mature and become more popular, their visitor age profiles are also on the rise. More than 50 percent of all MySpace users are now over the age of 35, according to ComScore Media Metrix.

That represents a sharp increase from 39 percent over 35 a year ago. The increase came at the expense of 12-17 year olds, whose attendance on the most popular social networking site was halved to 12 percent.

MySpace's audience quadrupled in the past year, and it still gained visitors in all demographic groups.

The data is unlikely to represent the actual regular user bases of the site, however. ComScore records unique audience participation, counting each "visit" equally, rather than quantifying users who make multiple visits.

"What this speaks to is the broadness of the reach at this point," said Andrew Lipsman, a ComScore analyst. He said the research firm would likely investigate the frequency of usage by various age groups in a follow-on report."

So my little visual including the "senior" over to the right, may be a bit exaggerated.  Then again, my father in-law has been reading this blog…

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