Product Placement in Consumer-Generated Videos

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Ha! This could well be the monetization model everyone’s been looking for, if the technology is robust enough. The system is a lot like the green interactive dots in the Shai videos, but work with other type of content besides porn.

ClickZ writes: "Entertainment Media Works, a media firm specializing in product placement, plans to enable "plinking," or product linking, in consumer-generated media. Early plans include revenue shares for content creators. Plinking is the process of adding a product or service link to a visible object or image in a video. When deployed, it will have an interface for users to upload and tag video. Users will freeze a single frame and define an area where the product is located. It can be any product from an iPod to particular jacket or pair of jeans. Once tagged, the item will be clickable throughout the runtime of the video, and will link to an e-commerce page."

The best part: " Under EMW’s plans, content viewers and user communities will be able to take existing video and add links for a piece of the revenue share."

There are questions. Would YouTube allow others to plink (nice buzzword, btw) the videos on its servers without getting a cut? Could plinks turn into a horrible automated spam tool that will ruin the videos? But the idea is a very bright one, regardless.

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