If the Future is Digital …

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by: Lynette Webb

… the guy with the most data wins.

I’m not sure who said this originally, but I heard it from Fredrick Marckini, head of iProspect (part of Isobar, the agency network I work for)… thanks Fredrick. 🙂

Again it’s one of those thought-provoking points that broadly I agree with in a marketing context (all else equal – creativity, product quality, etc). I would add just one caveat. It’s not enough to simply have data, it’s what you do with it that really counts. Data is pointless unless it can be mined for actionable insights. In the analogy of the picture… it’s not enough to simply have access to the tallest log wall aka data mountain, you’ve got to be fast & skilled at climbing it too. 

Image from Flickr CC www.flickr.com/photos/docman/6107473/ thanks to Docman.

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