YouTube 2.0 Is – Mashup heaven

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by: Karl Long

Eyespot is a browser based video editing and mixing tool that enables you to easily create and edit video clips online, and IMHO an important site to watch over the next year or so. If youtube is like a Video Blog, then Eyespot is like a Video Wiki.

I used a bunch of clips from Robin Good’s WeblogProject, which is an open source documentary on blogs and blogging. Interestingly the WeblogProject has got over 130 clips so far, including of course Robert Scoble and Robin Good. I made this clip in about 30 minutes of messing around:

(permalink to the video)

Already some great bands have been uploading their videos and music for fans to mashup. Bands include The Streets, The Stills, Five For Fighting, and Three Days Grace.

The potential for this site is huge, and not to be too mercenary about it, but it’s a great platform for advertisers brave enough to put some ads out there for users mashup.

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