SeeMe TV – YouTube for your phone

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by: John Caddell
At the MVNO Strategies and Markets conference yesterday, Andrew Cole of the Cambridge Strategic Management Group discussed what MVNOs can do to improve their business performance via mobile content. As an example he cited SeeMe TV, from the UK operator 3..

SeeMe TV allows users to upload videos, and users to download and view the videos, a la YouTube. Innovatively, however, 3 charges users a small sum (50 pence) to upload, and 10 pence to download. The video producers get 10% of the download revenues for their videos. Fifty downloads, and you've broken even. It's a variation of the self-publishing concept, for video on the mobile platform.

It's all been done, certainly. But never this way with this type of package. And the results speak for themselves. A commendation from the UK New Media Awards. More than 1M downloads of 30K clips in the first few months since launch, according to Cole. And for 3, a distinctive, even brand-making new service.

Upload that!

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