Just Do it

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by: David Armano

Creative Generalist points us to great find.  If you don't have time to watch the video, the points below are worth reading doing.

"Caterina points to a presentation by Keoki Andrus, head of operations at Intuit, which is packed with good points about how best to lead and manage others. The speech is called Secrets for Getting High Performance from High Potential Leaders and you can view it via one of the links here. Some key takeaways:

Seven Deadly Deficiencies
1. Contempt for others
2. Obsession with self
3. Commitment dysfunction
4. Inflexible mindset
5. No productive focus
6. Unrelenting pessimism
7. Embraces Dilbertian views of leaders

Ten Ways to Build Passion
10. See greatness in those around you and share your vision
9. Express constructive feedback in terms of "the vision"
8. Believe that things can be different and approach the improbable with optimism
7. Set high standards for performance and hold EVERYONE accountable
6. Demonstrate courage, judgement, risk-taking and continuous improvement in your own performance
5. Recognize and celebrate success
4. Design growth experiences that stretch but don't break people
3. Invest in trust and even love
2. Respond maturely to failures and setbacks
1. Push power and decision making down

Success depends more on the strengths you emphasize than the weaknesses you minimize.

Eight Ways to Wipe Out High Performers
1. Work overload
2. Lack autonomy (micromanagement)
3. Skimpy rewards
4. Loss of connection
5. Unfairness
6. Value conflicts
7. Let low-performers ride
8. Create an environment of fear, uncertainty and doubt

"High performers drive you nuts sometimes. You need to enjoy that. Steer them, frame their objectives, but don't repress them." –Terry Leclair, Senior PD Director at Intuit

"High performers are like 'thoroughbreds'. They require lots of care and feeding – but boy can they run." — Tobey Corey, Founder US Web

"As a leader you have the obligation to define the 'what' to the nth level – to get to goals for the right level – to make sure the 'what' is right. But you don't want to dictate the 'how'. You want to give the team and the individual the determination of 'how'. — Pankaj Shukla, VP, Quickbooks PD at Intuit  "

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