Boomer Women Steal Spotlight During Fashion Week

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 by: Dick Stroud 

If you are interested in the way the fashion business is starting embrace the older lady then this is a good article. There is a lot going on in the US that I think the European fashion industry needs to understand.

When the subject of older women is discussed, Forth & Towne is always mentioned. Interestingly, it comes in for some stick in this article.

It seems that Gap is set to launch a new advertising campaign in September for the Forth & Towne brand. The article says: “The campaign reflects Forth & Towne's unique position in the market as a brand that speaks directly to the grown-up chic woman, defining what being fashionable looks and feels like for a new generation of women”.

I think the company’s web site is excellent – but then as a bloke that may be the kiss of death!

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