By 2010 the Time Teens Spend With Digital Will Be 80 Percent

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by: Lynette Webb

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The 2005 figures in this are based on a global survey done by Jeffrey Cole at UCLA Annenberg called “Surveying the Digital Future”. You can find more out about the survey here:

I’ve then used my own judgment to estimate roughly how this is spread by activity and type of media. The logos aren’t necessarily pretty but hopefully clear enough that you get the gist. Also, they’re representative of their ilk, so eg: Google is representing search; MySpace is representing social networking, and so forth. And in case it isn’t obvious, the stuff boxed in yellow is digital.

The 2010 figures, again, are my own estimates. This is finger in the air stuff; it’s impossible to project that far into the future with any certainty especially when you’re doing it on a global level as every market is different. But I felt it was worth the attempt as directionally I think it’s indicative of how things will change… eg: TV will still be big, but the way that it’s consumed will change dramatically… in 2005 only a small proportion was via on-demand (be it via IPTV, cable VOD, YouTube, etc) or timeshifted via TiVo. By 2010 although the time spent with TV will have gone down marginally, on demand & timeshifted will be a much greater proportion. In markets such as the US and UK I expect this to be far more pronounced than in markets such as India… but remember, this is meant to be an attempt at a global averaged view.