A Blogging Retailer

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by: Dick Stroud

Apparently, firstSTREET a US Internet Retailer and catalog company, is one of the first major retailers to expand it customer base and build online sales via the blogging community.

I would certainly think that firstSTREET is the first retailer, targeting the 50-plus, that has used the advertised on blogging web sites.

According the company’s Manager of Internet Marketing, the move has not only generated additional sales — it has resulted in passionate advocates for the company’s products and online brand. Wow

I quote from the article:

” Our involvement with the blogging community has provided firstSTREET with an intelligent, energized and energizing group of customers. Our sponsorship of blogs became an instant buzz generating tool and helped us to gain a great deal of exposure with decision-makers, media outlets and potential partners. More than this, it put us in contact with some very creative and insightful folks, who’ve helped us transcend the traditional, static marketing dialog we had with our customer. They’ve helped us to understand the value of building an intellectual dialogue with those whom our business depends. This has been very exciting and personally rewarding."

Clearly there is a world of blogging out there about such things as iTheater video goggles, iPod accessories, Phono CD Recorder and the like. Just goes to show that you cannot judge the world by your own interests and prejudices.

Original Post: http://www.20plus30.com/blog/2006/08/blogging-retailer.html